Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surgery and Recovery Plan

So last Wednesday I had a lipoma (benign tumour) removed from high up in my right groin - not high enough to be a third testicle but high enough to feel on a bike seat. I've had it for 5 years but it got bigger in the last year - maybe training for IM Lake Placid and all that riding contributed. Here's a picture of me waiting outside the OR to have it removed. The surgeon gave me a local, sliced it open and removed it. I only had 6 stitches so not too bad.

Here's the result! I gave birth to a new alien species! Actually it looks a lot like chicken fat - pretty gross. The doctor and nurse were surprised how big it was (that's what she said). It's been a week and I'm already going crazy from not being able to exercise like I did prior to the surgery.

So, for now, it's the BBQ and Beer Recovery Protocol! I'm currently on a work trip to Ottawa and Sault Ste Marie. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes yesterday with no issues with the incision and stitches so I'll continue walking for another few days before attempting a run. Biking is out of the question for a least another week and I'll probably start swimming in a couple of days. I also have some grand plans for next year so stay tuned!!


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  1. I have a medium-marble sized lipoma on the inside of my right wrist, which I am having removed in a couple days.
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