Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good to go!

So I saw the surgeon yesterday and he said that I can resume riding again! He said that I can expect some pulling on the scar but if it doesn't cause pain then I'm good to go. I went out last night for 16 miles and it felt great. Not riding for a month during the nice summer weather was not fun. I lack cardio but hope that muscle memory will kick in.

I plan on getting back some endurance in the meantime and will gradually build so that my cruising speed is fast. This will take time and a belief that every workout will lead to the goal.

Belief that if the work is put in with proper attention to detail then one can create their destiny. Simple concept - consistent hard work over time equals success.

It's not always smooth sailing so perseverance is vital.....

along with the occasional bottle of HTFU!!


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