Monday, January 16, 2012

Freakin Cold - What Happened to Global Warming!

Alright I shouldn't be whining since the roads have been dry and the temperatures mild this winter so far but this past weekend I wasn't into getting out for my long run with this cold spell. I opted, wimpily, to do a 90 minute hard trainer ride with the Beast while watching the sci-fi classic Blade Runner. I am going to try to run today as it is supposed to warm up. I may have to wear some extra "garments" to protect vital areas.

The other motivation is simple - jump on the scale and that will motivate me to HTFU!

No shite Sherlock!! Anyway I need to get out cause my first race will be in Hawaii. They have a free race series called Peaman where people show up and do a half-mile swim followed by 3.9 mile run. It's real grassroots and there's no T-shirt or post race meal - just show up and have a blast - love it!

I would like to give a huge lovely shout-out to my better half Sara who turned 36 this past weekend! She is getting more lovely with every year and I am a better man for capitalizing on a weak moment when she decided to stay with me (gents this is blatant kissing up - a ploy that works 99% of the time and results in significant race signups!) Happy Birthday Sara!!

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