Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How High Can You Go?!

Been thinking about IM Lake Placid lately. The race is over 8 months away and I've slowly been getting into the routine of activity. Nothing major - just trying to be active. At this point it's nothing consistent - a few days in a row followed by a couple of days off (usually family and work priorities). I've been good at not gaining weight this fall which should help in the new year when a more consistent routine is adopted.

I've also been thinking about potential. My 2011 Ironman will be my sixth but it will be five years since I did one (IM Wisconsin 2006 - time flies). I've never really "raced" an Ironman, especially the bike. I have wondered what I could do if I committed to some quality training, have purpose in my workouts, build from week to week and yet be balanced with my personal life. It can be done with good time management and communication. My goal is quite simple - put in the time and work on a consistent basis over the coming months. Use patience and try to achieve my goal not through leaps and bounds but instead take it one step at a time, like climbing the CN Tower!

I plan to get in great shape and use Lake Placid as a celebration of the completed work. My level of fitness needs to be at a level where my aerobic pace for the race will be fast. I look forward to the challenge! I hope you have started to set goals - looking forward to sharing the journey....


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