Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Come On Spring!!

Margarita anyone?! I cannot wait for spring. Although it is officially spring, the weather has been anything but. While it hasn't been snowing, the winds have been cold which combined with the humidity of southern Ontario makes for chilly runs.

 Hopefully the snow will be intermittent from hereon in - hell, I've seen snow on the May long weekend so anything can happen. I just want dry roads and tolerable temperatures for riding outdoors.

 Sara and I have been sick for an extended period which has put a wrench into our training. Sara has been significantly affected for going on 5 weeks now. It's really zapped her energy. She is slowly coming around but like everyone who loves training and not having the ability to do it SUCKS!

 I did have a work trip to break up winter which was nice but also picked up the a bug at the tail end of the trip. The Florida warmth did feel great and I was able to squeeze in some training around meetings.

 The resort had a nice pool with a 28m length. Here I am all seal like - I literally had the whole pool to myself and this thing was huge.

 True that! I'm enjoying training and I'm looking forward to some long distance challenges. I can honestly say I had no interest in long distance since my last Ironman in 2014. I did sprints since then and have enjoyed not having to log big hours. The difference this year is a change in attitude towards these challenges and meeting more like minded people.

 Success is achieved in those moments when no one is watching where you are accountable to yourself. Nobody can face challenges for you. The cool thing is that everyone's journey is unique - how we get to the finish line is different each time we toe the line. We prepare, strive to stay healthy, and collect memories along the way. I tend to enjoy the process more than the racing. I view my racing as a celebration of the build. Come on spring, it's time to play!


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