Saturday, July 2, 2016

Camping, Birthday, Race, Work, Camp, Race....

Ahhh - I love summer! Summer usually means camping, racing, repeat. I'm kinda excited this year - I'm focusing more on sprint triathlons this year instead of going long. So far I'm enjoying all the time I've gained. I figure, with the short stuff, I'm able to train through races without the traditional taper I usually go through. To get the ball rolling, however, we ventured up to Dwight to get our camp on.

  Dwight is one of our frequent spots. We love Dwight Beach - it's great for open water swims. More importantly, we love the riding into the West Gate of Algonquin Park. It's up there as one of our favourite places to ride. Wide shoulders, great surface, hilly and you can't beat the scenery.

   To mix things up and escape the black flies (worst I'd seen in 15 years) we went to Huntsville to play a little soccer at the track. After kicking the ball around for a bit, I challenged Logan to a duel in the "Octa-Circle" (my version of UFC). We had several duels trying to push one another out of the circle. Sadly I lost most - my 12 year old son has a ton of power!

For a cooldown we walked a couple of laps around the track.

 Of course, being the Dork that I am, I couldn't resist doing some climbing. Trust me I'm doing hang loose signs, not flipping the bird or double guns.

 I call this "escaping the black flies".

 Back at home we got some good riding in. Weather has been sunny and hot - the way I like it. Usually on long rides we make a stop for a Coke. It's a nice break when you spend hours in the saddle.

  Next up - Gramps' birthday!! Here's Gran and Gramps having a margarita and some burgs. As my Mom says, "give me some of the good stuff" and, by good stuff, she means tequila.

 Logan and the Gramps!

 Happy Birthday Big Guy.

 Disclosure - I do put up a lot of beverage shots. Generally I have one beverage maybe three times per week. My preference is local craft beers. No intervention is necessary - haha!

 First race of the season!! Sara and I and many TCoBers ventured off to Woodstock for our first sprint tri. It was very hot n' windy day! This was my first time in Woodstock and I enjoyed. We had a great group out and Lionel Sanders was also racing - very cool. I prepared for the race with my traditional porta potty visit - captured nicely here with this pic.

 Woodstock transition. The race went fairly well. I hadn't done a sprint this short in probably 10 years. Swim was ok - came out in 15 minutes. Bike was 32+km average and I averaged 4:48km for the 5k run. I didn't feel that fresh for the run - felt I lacked the strength there but I got it done. I ended up 7th in the 50-59 AG. Our group got to talk a while with Lionel post race which was very cool. Michelle Krupa and Sara pretty much assaulted him to get a picture with our group in the Recharge with Milk tent - pretty funny. Lionel is such a class act - it's great to see his success.

 Post race we went with Ted and Coreen to the Valley Park Rib Fest near our house. Nothing says recovery food like beer and ribs - Yumm!!

 From the rib fest we headed to the Perry residence to meet up with some of our clubmates to have more bevies and a campfire. Here I'm "employing" some of the kidlets to make margaritas. They were very interested in helping mix the ingredients (only the non-alcoholic ones!). What a great bunch of kids and parents - it's great getting to know everyone.

 But alas, work calls. I had a week of meetings in Montreal. I managed one morning of free time so I went up Mont Royal. To the top and back from my hotel was exactly 10km. Here's what the trail looks like. There are many side trails and stairs as well.

 View of Montreal near the top.

 Nice little lake near the top.

 More camping!! This time we stayed local. Our neighbours were doing some "glamping" in Flamborough so we decided to tag along. It was quite enjoyable traveling only 35 minutes!

 Since I was in Flamborough, I decided to head out last minute to do the Guelph Lake 1 sprint tri. It was only a 35 minute drive away and early enough that it wouldn't impact family time. I hadn't done the Guelph race in quite some time.

 The race went well. Came out of the water in 14:23 and made the long climb to transition. Gave the bike a good go despite the rough roads and averaged 33.3kph. Once onto the run I felt pretty good - legs were definitely better than last week. I averaged 4:35 per km, more in the range I'd like. I ended up 4th in the 50-54 AG. There went 5 deep so I ended up with a nice medal for the effort. Better yet they give you an Erdinger (non-alcoholic) beer immediately after crossing the line - how cool is that?!! It went down nicely.

That's all for now - cheers!

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