Saturday, March 5, 2016

Feb's Done and I Haven't Posted Lately!

 February is gone but it was memorable. The weather has been unreal! The pics you see were all taken in February. Bay training has been tiring but exceptional due to clear roads and mild temps. Based on my look above Lasalle Hill still challenges.

 Next day Sara and I did 43k on the bike. Awesome!! The roads were clear and grit-free. While windy it was 10C and who could pass up a chance to ride in February.

 Next up - Grimsby Half Marathon. Here I am pre-race. This race marked a first for me in my endurance racing life - I missed the race start! I actually arrived at the race 75 minutes before the start. I had a 2k warmup then went into the high school to warm up and stretch. All the participants were stretching or keeping warm in the high school - it was -17C with the wind chill initially. I didn't have a watch on and I couldn't see a clock. With lots of people around I asked a fellow racer what time it was and he responded "9:03". What?!! My race was supposed to start at 9:00. What I didn't realize was the other race was starting at 9:15! I ran out the door, turned on my Garmin and started running. I got a few laughs over this - no more so than me laughing at myself! My Garmin picked up a satellite a few minutes in, I turned it on and started trying to catch up. I reached the last person at the 1k mark and started to settle in without trying to catch up too fast.

 Post race. I was cold!! It was windy and damp near the lake where the course followed. I ran sub 5:00/km for the first 16k and slowed to about 5:05 til km 18. It was at this point I cramped up from the cold, especially my right hamstring. Km 18 and 19 were 6:03 and 5:35 respectively. I stopped and tried to stretch it out but the cold really tightened things up. I managed through and crossed the line in 1:47. It was a little off my goal time of 1:45 but considering the cold it was a good effort.

 Next day after the race came this!

 Long run with Sara along the beachfront for something different.

 A couple of days later? Back on the bike for another 40k. Two legit outdoor rides in February - who would have thought?!

Post ride on the following Friday night I turned my ankle over at Logan's soccer. Unfortunate and a little tender but seems to be coming around. My other challenge leading up to the Bay is a work trip from March 29th to April 2nd in Vancouver. Usually my conferences entail lots of standing, lots of late nights, lack of activity, and two 5 hour flights. I land the night before the Bay on April 2nd at 9:00pm which is definitely not ideal. I will likely not get to bed before 11:30 at best. I will definitely be exhausted so I will need to be smart and adjust my expectations. If I can stay in 5:15-5:30 per km pace I will be satisfied.

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