Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Fun

 We've been having some beautiful weather this fall. We've been trying to do active family things as well. For Logan we do different activities so that he is exposed to as many things as possible. We bike, swim, he does gymnastics (more like trampoline), occasional hike.

 We went for a walk by the rail trail and tried steps with him. He did surprisingly well. We make sure not to go overboard but it was good for him.

 In other Logan news his Mosasaur statue arrived from the U.S. He used his birthday money to purchase it. It actually is very detailed and quite heavy. He proudly has it on his computer desk.

 Yet more Logan stuff. As you can guess from the pic Logan went out for Halloween. Not sure how many more he'll do but he just turned 12 so he's into it. He went as Indomitus Rex from Jurassic World. Arrghh!!

 Sara and I got out for a "date" aka a workout together. We went for a beauty run in King's Forest. The fall is amazing here and trails and hills here are awesome.

 The Hammer from atop the escarpement.

 Sara post run. She decided to bring out the neon for the run. Pink, orange, lime green, purple - I think she pretty much got it covered. And no Sara, I will not be removing this pic!

 Took some customers out to the Red Wings game - Tampa vs Detroit. Always a good time.
 Finally - watched the NBC coverage of the Hawaii Ironman. It was well done as usual. I especially was floored by this man Derek Fitzgerald. Derek battled cancer for almost 10 years and also had a heart transplant!! He finished Hawaii in 16:36 to become the first heart transplant athlete to finish. That is absolutely freakin' amazing!! He said on the broadcast that the biggest honour he can give to his donor and donated heart is to use it. The journey this dude's been on is incredible. As I write this I have a bit of a cold - perhaps I need to HTFU! I'm sure Derek would laugh at my whining!!

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