Monday, June 15, 2015

May Madness Part 2!

 Next up in May the Special Olympics Track and Field Day. Do you know that Hamilton's special needs track day for both elementary and high school are amongst the largest in the world?! Very cool. The events are modified but there are some staples like a 50m dash and a long jump. There are so many ability levels but there is something for everyone. The kids are happy and have a blast. The high school students at Saltfleet get to give back.

Logan rockin the obstacle course - he had to go through the pylons carrying a rugby ball, at the end exchange the ball for a lacrosse stick and ball, then run back through the pylons.

 Running long jump into the sand pit.

 I got in on some of the action. Logan wanted me to be goalie at the shooting event. I envisioned getting hit in the gnards but came out unscathed.

 There was a lot of video game discussion too!

 Mom and Dad on break.

 Gramps turned 71 in late May as well. Never one to avoid a camera he dutifully posed with his cupcake cake. "What me worry?!"

 Sara and I got some soil and mulch and redid our gardens. It really looks great and has become out peaceful sanctuary.

 Next up - the Toronto Zoo. We usually get Logan out of school and head to the zoo before it becomes a "zoo". As you can see I've got the world on my shoulders. How about some help Logan?! He said "naw - you're on your own!"

 I have now decided what I want to be in my next life - a giant Panda. This guy was the ultimate in relaxation. Just look at him - kicking back, snacking on some bamboo. Gotta love it.

 My reaction to Logan telling me he'd like to through me in the Komodo Dragon pit. Say what?!

 I sweat this turtle was smiling at me.

 Snow leopard selfie.

 This is a pictorial summary of the day. Sara and Logan, each with park maps, negotiating where to go next. It was quite entertaining.

 Sara and her humps.

 I get the jack ass - hey, what are you trying to say?!

 Loved the polar bears.

 Not sure what function this serves at the park but get you're mind out of the gutter.

 Lots of walking, 35C, lots of sweat.

 Finally we managed to squeeze some training in as well. Seeking out new routes - love it!

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