Friday, May 1, 2015

Training Update

 With the weather getting better there's been more opportunity to get out n' about. Jimmy, Sara and I got out for a warm and windy day. I did 20k before meeting with them then 60k with the group for 80k total - my highest to date. It was a rolling route and it felt good.


 Baptist Church Road - there's a farm that has a couple old vintage vehicles on display. I liked this pickup.

 Jimmy in front of the Baptist Church - it was built in 1857. Amazing piece of history. The graveyard adjacent to the church shows a lot about life expectancy.

 Cool shot of Jimmy and Sara on Sawmill road. Once the trees are full of leaves this section is gorgeous.

 The next day Sara and I headed to our favourite run route about 3k from home - King's Forest. The trails are great and VERY hilly. Great strengthening. Dork on a bridge!

 The other cool thing about where I live - hills in the north and, as evident in this pic, flat in the south. Best of both worlds.

 I was trying to get a shot of a plane heading to Hamilton airport but timing was off. No worries though cause you get another pic of me!

 Hydration is always important....

 Did I mention hydration is important?!

 More King's Forest.

 Finally Sara and I got another 70k ride in. If you look closely above the saddle of the blue Trek you can see Sara in the forest taking care of business. Hahaha. I will probably pay to this one - no nudity so I should be okay!

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