Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Fun 2014

We picked up John (Beast) and his Sheila and headed north to visit the gang in Bolton. The Vanstones opened their home for the Ugly Sweater event. The group proved they are a creative bunch! The pictures I have posted here were all hand made with various levels of indecency - haha.

The carrot was never limp!

Son of groot. Doug ended up taking top honours - it looked uncomfortable but he managed well.

Nothing says Christmas like a Beast with tinsel.

Christmas booty - seems like we always have too much.

Santa and his reindeer had some snacks we left out for them.

Logan's gingerbread house.

My best present - Starbucks coffee. Yummy!

 My selfie with the reindeer hat while sitting on the toilet - I believe I will make this an annual tradition moving forward.

Sara's folks came over for breakfast Christmas morning clearly they are a little worn out from the festivities.

 Merry snoozing!

 Justina and Sara figured it's now noon, let's have Christmas beverages.

 Sara trying to look angelic with a beverage in hand.

 Check out the weather! Last year at this time it was -20C - this year Logan and I were out riding bikes. I could handle many more days of this. Next stop - 2015!

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