Saturday, November 22, 2014

Post Ironman Florida - Whole Lotta Lazin!

The day after the race was a little cool but much less windy. We wandered over to where the Bolton Boys & Girls were to celebrate the race. Linda Olson was there to carry on the tradition that Don, her late husband, followed post race at Ironman Florida. It was great to see her again and it was a beautiful day to remember a great man and reminisce about Don and the previous day's festivities.
This year's finishers - Doug, Linda, and some dork.

As per tradition we pop open some champagne and toast the race and friends and family. This group is very close knit - in many ways I wish I had the same in Hamilton. They support each other and you can tell they have each other's backs - pretty cool.


After the morning visit it was time for pizza and beer! Papa Johns and Kona Brewery Longboard Lager.

Sun, sand and fun - awesome!

Post race it was even more quiet with hardly anyone around.

The epitome of chill.

Sun's out, the guns are out!

A little maple leaf to send to the Great White North!

Sara got some good training in - the humidity apparently causes you to sweat - who knew?!

Truck's ready to go...

So is Logan.

Last day we buried Logan in the sand and simultaneously stumbled on a new babysitting technique.

On the way home we made a mandatory stop to Chipotle, our new favourite food stop. It's awesome! Only thing that would make it better would be....

Chipotle with a Starbucks next door - winning!

 Finally here's my selfie with 84 year old Lew Hollander - my freakin role model. Lew qualified, yet again (I believe his 24th), for the Hawaii Ironman next year where he will start in the 84-89 age group. Incredible!
That's all for now - cheers!

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