Friday, October 10, 2014

Big Training Block and My Ironman Picks

I'm currently in the middle of my final long training block in preparation for IM Florida. Temperatures are definitely cooler - layers and long tights are the order of the day for my rides. The sun has been shining so no complaints there although we've had some really windy days. I rode a couple of days ago in 60+km gusts - was not in aero much with that!

Cool shot of my shadow early into a ride with the sun starting to rise.

The Fall colours are always spectacular. Tomorrow I've got a 6:15 long ride on the menu. The plan is to get out early for 3 hours on my own and then 3:15 with Sara for the back half. I'm hoping to finish around 2pm so I can tune in to the live coverage of the Hawaii Ironman!

Been using this trail a lot lately. The Rail Trail heading towards Caledonia has been my flat route of choice for Florida preparation. It has forgiving hard packed dirt. My plan for Sunday is a 3 hour run - my longest for Florida. Hopefully my legs will hold up after Saturday's ride.

We said goodbye to an old friend this week - Sara's 2004 Altima. It served her well but was getting long in the tooth. We traded it in and picked up a Rav4 - a sweet little ride.

Speaking of rides - got my bike tuned up and got my Flo wheels on. And no, I didn't buy my bike to match my wheels!

Finally my picks for tomorrow's championship - for the women: 1) Mirinda Carfrae - no surprise here

2) Racheal Joyce - 2nd last year. If Rinny falters at all Joyce might take it.

3) Daniela Ryf - has raced quite a bit this year. Won the World 70.3 champs and is consistently strong across all 3 disciplines.

For the men: 1) Jan Frodeno. If he can cope with the heat he has potential to run away with this.

2) Sebastien Kienle - rumour has it he's slightly injured. Not buying it. If the winds are strong look for him to make a move.

3) Eneko Llanos. Has been a bit out of the picture the last couple of years but has potential to put in a great effort.
We will see how my picks turn out - can't wait!


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