Saturday, June 8, 2013

Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat

With training for an Ironman, consistency is key. It's not your longest swim, ride, or run that will make the difference - it's putting in the work week in, week out that will determine success. I've been getting consistency for the most part. Family and work commitments always trump triathlon so sometimes schedules force unscheduled rest days. The forced rest, however, is probably not bad especially for the older athlete.
I'm pleased so far with my cycling. I have two 100+ mile rides in the bank and several in the 50-60 mile range. I recently did a 35 mile TT with strong winds and managed to average 21+ mph for the session. Sustained strength is coming around - good sign.
More consistency here. I usually run 3 times per week - one tempo, one mid-range and a long run. My tempo is usually 6 miles, mid-range 8-10 miles and long always 13+. Today I did 15 miles - the fourth time I've at least this distance in the past 7 weeks.
Of course, the sessions are not always enjoyable but these serve to make you mentally stronger and will come into play during the later stages of the run.
Ironman racing requires positive self-talk, focus and sometimes you have to curse at yourself - whatever gets you to the line.
Chuck's right!


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