Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Broke Me!

I was determined to not escape winter this year but after a stressful February that ended with a horrible long run I decided to surrender and am heading to Florida for Spring Break.

Tired of things like winter storms, wind chill. We've been spoiled the last couple of winters which were quite mild.

I'm heading to the Emerald Coast and Panama City Beach.

I plan on doing some scouting of the Ironman Florida course - a race I will be competing in for the first time in November.

I plan on getting 4-5 swims in, 4 runs (with my last long run before the Around the Bay 30K) and 3 rides (I will have my tri bike in tow). The pic to the left is the facility in Panama City Beach. It has 8 lanes of 50m in the mornings and after lunch switches to 20 lanes of 25m. I love outdoor pools like this - wish we had the climate for this! I hope to have lots of pics to show.


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