Monday, June 11, 2012

Mont Tremblant

Last week I had a sales meeting in Mont Tremblant. Given that Ironman will stage both a 70.3 and a Full I was excited to check out the area. It definitely did not disappoint. The village is fantastic and there is no shortage of accomodations that would be a short walk to the race site.

The lake is beautiful and very clean. It was cold to the touch and even though the Full is in August I believe this will be wetsuit legal.

Another view of the lake overlooking the village.

Looking down the hill in the center of the village. We ate at the unit on the far left - a nice Italian restauant.

This is looking up from the bottom of the hill. I ran a portion of the run and this course is no joke. The terrain on the bike is Placid-like but appears more difficult with some short nasty grades. If one doesn't commit to the proper pace they will be smashed for the run which also has its share of short steep hills. The area is already full of signage indicating the different parts of the course which is cool. Also, in talking with resort staff there is a definite buzz around these upcoming events. I left Thursday afternoon and there was an Olympic scheduled for the weekend. They were also paving the parking lot so it would be ready for the June 70.3's transition area. I definitely would like to take a run at this race in the future - it will be epic!


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