Monday, May 7, 2012

My 46th Birthday!

So yesterday was my 46th birthday. I googled celebrities that share my date and came up with the following:

Bob Seger - besides my incredible singing  voice I danced around in my Toronto Maple Leafs boxers like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and contemplated becoming a Scientologist.

Marty Brodeur, future Hall of Famer, turned 40 and won a playoff game to celebrate - very cool.

Sigmund Freud - inventor of the Freudian Slip.

And finally, George Clooney, who many say I have an uncanny resemblance to. Somehow I think George's weekend was a bit more interesting than mine but not by much.

Saturday I rode 44 hilly miles in Burlington and Milton and followed that up with 4 hours of trench digging in clay to prepare to lay down weeping tile. Sunday morning I ran 21k of trails in Dundas Conservation Area in preparation for the 100 mile team relay at the Sulphur Springs race in a few weeks. This course is gnarly and I have the first leg at 6:00am - should be fun. I followed up the run with completing the drainage project and had a fantastic meal (thanks to Sara) of beer, wine, baked potato, grilled veggies, steak and shrimp - it was most excellent and epic!


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