Friday, April 20, 2012

Where's Robbo?!

I'm alive! I haven't posted in a few weeks - life's been pretty hectic of late with little time to write something up. So read on and travel a little bit with me......

Once back from Hawaii I had some work trips in place. First stop(s) was Ottawa, then Brockville, then Smith Falls, then Pembroke. It wasn't all gruelling travel though. I flew to Ottawa and did some running around. That night I entertained some customers at the Ottawa Senators-Carolina Hurricanes game. Of course a few beverages were in order!

Does this look close? This is where my seats were! These players are huge - there's not much room out on the ice for these behemoths.

At the end of the next day I had some time so I did a swim-run brick (sort of). I swam at a beautiful facility in Nepean with a 50m pool - got 2k in. This was followed up by a 10.5 mile run along the Ottawa River bike path and the historic sites of Ottawa downtown.

An impressive building.

Statue of Terry Fox - a true hero.

The next night saw me entertaining more customers - I know, rough life eh?! The opposition was the big, bad Boston Bruins. My seats were 7 rows up which actually gave better views compared to against the glass.

Once home the weekend provided some double-digit weather so that meant saddle time. It was windy but the Beast and I managed to get 38 miles in. The Beast was giddy as this was the maiden voyage of his new Cervelo S5 complete with electronic shifting. This bike is impressive and the seamless gear changing is sweet. Beastie likes!

Oh yeah, Dork was also along for the ride! Nice chins!

Sara and Logan accompanied me on my Windsor work trip. My days there started very early and ended late morning. We had the afternoon free so we headed to the Detroit Zoo. The zoo was pretty cool - the animals had nice surroundings, looked healthy and were quite active. Here's Logan and I riding a Honu statue doing the Hang Loose salute - no it's not an erection! Get you mind outta the gutter!

They had a tunnel that went through the polar bear pool and the big male put on a show - very cool.

The following week I entertained customers at the Red Wings-Predators playoff game. Watching a game in Detroit is definitely more rowdy than Ottawa - think crazy people + excess beer consumption and you will get the picture.

Hawaii was just over a month ago but seems like a lifetime. Days have flown by due to the crazy schedule. I think we need a week off per month to spend on the beach - I could handle that!

Hope you're doing well - Cheers!

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