Monday, March 19, 2012

Aloha, Eh! Part 1

Sara, Logan and I got to Pearson on Friday, March 2nd for our 8 pm flight to LA. We stayed overnight in LA and did the final flight to Kona the next morning. Above is Sara and Logan prepping for the long trip ahead. We flew Air Canada for the first half so that meant catching up on movies with the entertainment system.

Once in Kona, my favourite endurance playground, we got our bags, picked up our car and headed to our condo on Alii Drive. Here's a picture of Magic Sands Beach which was directly across the street from the condo. It was quite convenient to have this small beach so close with good waves. The only issue upon arrival was my luggage did not make it but I did have shorts, tshirt and board shorts for the water so I was still equipped enough for the beach but not for the Peaman race at the Kona Pier - a half mile swim followed by a 4 mile run. Though disappointing I took to the surf as a consolation prize!

The first morning, due to the 6-hour time change we were all up at 4:30 am which was 10:30 am to our bodies. We spent the morning with coffee (ok it was just me but I drank enough for everyone). I did a dark 5-miler along Alii and had a nice breakfast with mango, papaya and pineapple - awesome! As the sun started coming up at 6:30 we headed across to the beach - above is Logan and I at 6:45 am - first on the beach!

After getting in the ocean and swimming about, Logan decided he wanted to body board and I was pretty pumped cause I thought he might be a little afraid of "things" in the ocean. Turns out he wanted to be in the waves as much as possible.

Kelly Slater?!!

After a half hour of surf it was time for sand play and constructing the mandatory beach habitat for Logan's dinosaurs. So to recap I ran, had breakfast, played in the sand and surf for over 2 hours and it's not even 9 am - Booyah!
Later on we ventured down to the Kona Pier, sight of the Ironman swim. The banyan trees are gi-normous and spread out everywhere - very cool looking.
Here's a view from the break wall of Dig Me Beach where the Ironman swim takes place. We saw lots of swimmers out. This place justs oozes activity no matter what the age. People were all over the place surfing, riding, running, swimming, kayaking, standup paddling and livin life large in general - I love it!!
This is a view from the pier overlooking the small beach and heading down Alii Drive.
No trip to the pier would be complete without a pic of the Hawaii Ironman Finish Line marker. Here's Logan standing under the sign indicating the Ironman finish - one day you will be mine, Ironman Finish, oh yes you will be mine! Someday I'll make this a reality......stayed tuned for Part 2.

Aloha - Cheers!

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