Friday, July 1, 2011

Training Update: Muskoka Weekend Pt 2 and Lake Placid Weekend Pt 1

Check out the view Friday morning at Clyffe House - eerie eh? The sun burned it all off by lunchtime and it was sunny and warm for most of the weekend.

This family called Clyffe House home as well.

Despite already swimming 3200m, running 5.5 miles and biking 25 miles, Logan had scheduled a little interval work on the paddle boat. After all the day's activities I found it tough and had a sweat going. The picture shows how beautiful Mary Lake is, especially without fog.

Logan's becoming quite the outdoorsman. Paddle boats are fun but he really enjoyed kayaking and took to it quickly.

This is basically the same shot I took that was covered in fog this morning. Now it's sunny skies!


Here Logan and I are enjoying a paddle together. It would definitely be cool to live here.

After our huge ride that ranged between 75-112 miles we had our annual Saturday night potluck. As usual it did not disappoint and there were some happy bellies post meal, all washed down with beers and wine - the recovery drinks of champions!

Logan and I dockside enjoying the end of an awesome day. Next on the Road to Ironman Lake Placid is the Lake Placid Epicman. Epicman is a grass roots training day the starts at 6:00 am with a 50 minute swim, followed by 112 mile bike (the Ironman course) and finally a 5 or 13.1 mile run all in one day. The Lake Placid event took place on June 10th.

We checked in to the Crowne Plaza on Thursday and in the lobby was an old bobsled that actually participated in the 1932 Olympics. I just had to check it out - Dork!

Here's a nice view from the Crowne Plaza looking down at the old church and Mirror Lake.

Sara and I got a shuttle from the hotel and had dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant on Mirror Lake. It was good food with a nice view.

Here's the Boathouse Restaurant from the other side of Mirror Lake - it's quite the spot. Next post will highlight our training day - it was quite the adventure.

Cheers! Oh, and by the way - HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

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