Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training Update

I've just gotten over a virus which has plagued (nice pun eh?) my training of late. Besides increasing stock price for Kleenex I've been diligently studying the weather network for any glimpse of ride-worthy weather. Last Sunday, Sara and I joined the ride with All the Right Gears bike shop. Sam the owner is a great guy and he's the only one I believe in to service my bike! We managed 65k and had some "attack" fun on the way back - yes, the Beast was involved. I followed up the ride with another hour on the trainer to build distance.

I also "had" to work up in the muskokas this week so I tried to take advantage of one of my favourite places on Earth. Here's Port Syndey beach on Mary Lake looking cold. The ice won't be reciding for a few weeks yet.

I was staying at Deerhurst Resort so after a 2.5k swim at the community center I bundled up and headed out on the bike for some hills. I followed North Portage to South Portage and headed right. I took South Portage to Brunel, turned around and headed back. I managed to get 52k in but I was pretty cold by the end. It never ceases to amaze me how taxing riding here is - I was cooked.

Here's the big hill on South Portage. I had a blast going up and was a little cautious on the trip down as there's lots of sand on the road from the winter.

This is the fast downhill on North Portage just before you go right on Canal Road back to Deerhurst.

One thing I noticed were these signs that were throughout the area. It's really cool to see the community promoting respect for cars and cyclists alike.

I noticed this sign on Canal Road and just had to take a shot. I rounded out my time here with a 16.5k run on the Muskoka 70.3 course - more hills! Saturday I managed to get 32k outside on the bike before getting wet then did an additional 2 hours on the trainer. Today, Beast and I did 19.3k of trails, hills and 60km gusts of wind - very epic!!

Hope everyone's well and healthy - Cheers!

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